What must I do to be saved?

No Jesus, No peace, Know Jesus, Know peace

Are you tired? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Matt 11:28-30 Fed up with the way you see your life going?  Do you feel unconnected with your eternal purpose, unconnected with God?  Maybe you have a level of success in this world, a good job, a nice car, a nice home, fine clothes, the latest gadgets, yet you are not fulfilled. Matt 16:26 They call you successful in the work place yet your relationships are shallow.  There is something missing.  You want to be a good person, but somehow you just can’t seem to make things work out right.

It may be that you have lost all your worldly possessions, your job or business may have gone south with the economy, or maybe you have lost everything to a drug addiction, or sexual addiction. Luke 4:18 Maybe your inability to maintain a meaningful relationship with someone of the opposite sex has left you feeling empty and used up. 1Jn 4:10

Is there the sense that something is missing deep inside, something important, necessary and essential to your well being? 1Pet 5:10-11

Do you feel that the things that you have been doing in your life don’t line up with what you know to be right? You are convicted of sin. Your soul is crying out for vindication. You want things to be right.  God has planted a seed, a seed of faith in you. John 3:16

You want to be healed, delivered and set free. Jesus is the answer. John 14:6 Do you want Him in your life? Rev 22:17

The word that saves is right here, as near as the tongue in your mouth, as close as the heart in your chest. It’s the word of faith that welcomes God to go to work and set things right for us.

Say the welcoming word to God—”Jesus is my Master”—embracing, body and soul, God’s work of doing in us what he did in raising Jesus from the dead. That’s it. You’re not “doing” anything; you’re simply calling out to God, trusting him to do it for you. That’s salvation.

With your whole being you embrace God setting things right, and then you say it, right out loud: “God has set everything right between him and me!” Romans 10:8-10   (MSG)

“Everyone who calls, ‘Help, God!’ gets help.” Romans 10:13   (MSG)  Whoever and where ever you are, call out to the Lord and He will answer. Ask for forgiveness and give him your life, then as soon as you can, get to a Christian fellowship and give your testimony.

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