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MY STORY:: ” I am a second year medical laboratory technology student drop out. I was a normal bright boy till 2003 when I had the chance to study photography from Germany and that brought a lot of bad chances to the once humble and respectable boy in me. Being an adolescent, conditions made me learn smoking, drinking and later I was introduced to using drugs like cocaine and sniffing petrol.

That marked the beginning of the episode till i came back to Uganda and finding some of the drugs became hard and I had to resort to marijuana that almost cost my life in 2005 while sitting for my U.C.E exams because my memory became low but fortunately our school was a Protestant founded school, Uringi S.S and our pastor would pray for all the candidates and i got a 1st grade with 18 agg.

My dad being a polygamist just worsen the situation as my step mums would constantly blame him for wasting money paying me and my sister instead of giving them the money for their up keeps which later lead me to madness for a week, all the blames put on the steps for using witchcraft to destroy me since I shall be the light of my mum. i didn’t know what caused my madness, the witchcraft or my constant drug use?. with the help of a pastor still and some few christian neighbors, I was well again but still smoke and drink illegally, none of my familly members knew I use drugs. after my U.A.C.E exams, I enrolled for the medical course that triggered another problem back home in the village, from clever to mad to clever and back to mad again, this time it was more than I could take.

I dream, hear voices and some one slaps me while invisible. I dream some one cuts, beats and strangles me and early morning, I have injuries all over the body. a big woman wearing a blue lessu sits on me and I cry but no one hears my voice, she would at times have………….with me and all I know is that I have messed my bed sheets and pants in the morning, she would tell me what would happen the next day and it happens just like she said, she would warn me not to do certain things and once I do them, pain and misery is what I get at night, I cursed ever being born. I would tell my parents and they would say that those are just night mares due to the movies I probably watched the previous night, prayer was a sin and punishable by canes and strangling to her. 2 years down my course, my dad became mentally sick and was sent home from his work place, murchison falls national park, I lost hope of graduating, sent out of the hostel due to balances up to 800,000 Ug shs, went back to the village and joined the rest of the family digging our gardens for survival, no hope of any thing. I could part time in pakwach health center IV as a lab assistant but no pay, I had to quit and join the street guys doing nothing apart from wishing to become a local musician given my ability to sing and play the guitar because I was a member of Masindi Academy brass band from 2002 – 2004 and I learned a lot of instruments but all didn’t work out. I could look at my lab gown, my diploma and certificates and wish I had never stepped in school because my friends could make fun of me that they didn’t study but they are the ones helping professors like me with petty cash, it pained me.

Worst of all is growing up in a boarding school and having no much time with my parents though in the village, the family isn’t a strong faith based home where prayers were only known on Sundays and the rest was just like eat and sleep with no sickness and no problem!!!. they could take me from one village to another looking a solution to my problems from divine spirits and witch doctors but none each would tell us tales from here to there, my mum wasted all her little savings to see me better but none thought of the pastors and neighbors who helped me earlier. they would say things like a female spirit is in love with me and I should marry it to relieve me, my dad raped and killed a female captive while he was a rebel to which my dad would deny, my late aunt is responsible for all my miseries and a lot of stories would follow that made my mum to hate some of her co – wives for what she didn’t understand. they later gave ma a combination of what looked like roots and bones to attach to my body or clothing’s to stop the woman but the more I put them on, the more the woman comes and warns me to take them off. I became pale, lifeless every evening because I know that all nights, she is the unseen visitor till recently some lady friend of mine offered to pray for me in my absence and I at times have a peaceful sleep as along as I don’t sleep on my back.

Brothers and sisters reading this, can a mere piece of wood protect some one? or all the money and chicken my mum lost trying to make me feel better be used for other purpose?. with God’s help, a friend of mine secured me a place with Equator catering services as a general casual. I work as a waiter or in the laundry or at times in the stores and I believe I owe God much more than I can carry ranging from my birth in the bush, numerous motor accidents that left me scars and three encounters with lions while in senior two holidays from Murchison falls and various other traps set for me by my steps and am still alive typing this for whoever has gone through any hardship to not fear and share it with us here for there is a verse that says, WHOEVER IS ASHAMED OF ME, I SHALL ALSO BE ASHAMED OF HIM INFRONT OF MY FATHER AND WHOEVER TRIES TO SAVE HIS LIFE SHALL LOOSE IT.

I could not get the courage to write these had it not been for the an elderly born again cook called Grace who told me the more you keep testimonies, the more it haunts you, am not yet free from bondage and I may need your prayers from whoever cares to pray for me because am going to the village to see mum next week and am not shy or a ashamed to say that there are those who wish me dead from that village and shall not be happy seeing me look like this. God’s willing, I shall save slowly and graduate since I applied fro a dead year. I wish to be born again and qiut all these because I have no use of tobacco, alcohol and fornication to mention a few, all these are expensive tickets to early graves and hell finally, I want that cheap ticket to the lord’s expensive eternal life, may the lord keep us all save from evil till we meet again some hours or days later and may his name be praised forever, AMEN. NB, may the lord forgive me where I used his holy name wrongly and the names of those others.

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